The Ultimate 3 Card Poker Strategy to Boost Your Wins

Despite the ease of play that comes with 3 card poker, the game requires understanding and patience in order to succeed. Here in our 3 card poker strategy guide, you will learn about the important aspects of the game, from odds to tactics which will all increase your winning rate.

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The goal of this guide is to help you beat the house advantage. All online casino games have players at an immediate disadvantage. Poker, however, is one of the few casino games online which carries with it one of the more favourable odds against the casino. Its percentage over the player is only roughly 48%. Our strategy is to reclaim that 2% margin and beyond, to better your chances of a win.

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Your online card poker strategy

There are many variables of a 3 card poker game, you have the basic odds of winning hands, the value of these from the paytable, you have also the odds for pair plus moves and ante-play combinations. If some of what we discuss is new to you or if this is your first time playing the 3 card poker game, then all will be explained very clearly for you to understand just what the features are all about within the game of poker online.

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3 card poker strategy 3 card poker strategy

So, let us explain a number of pointers that you should know before you play online casino poker.

Pair Plus: During a game of online casino poker, there are a total of 22,100 possible combinations your three cards can get. When betting on Pair Plus, which is an option offered through live casino games of three-card poker or virtual poker machines. You get to win any time your three cards include a pair, three of a kind, flush, straight flush or just a straight.

What are these hands?

A Straight Flush is an order of card numbers i.e. 5, 6 and 7 or 7, 8 and 9, in which all cards hold the same suit.

The Three of a Kind can be a match of numbers, so all the 10s or 5s for example.

A simple Straight means you will hold cards showing a row of numbers like the straight flush above, but the suit can be mixed.

The Flush is a match of three suits and the numbers can be of any order.

A pair is simple, two cards of the three where they are the same number and can be of different suits.

Ante-Play: In laymen's terms, the ante-play move allows players to make an additional bet that their hand will beat the dealer’s cards.

As with any option to gain an advantage over the casino, there are rules for the Ante-Play to legitimately claim your winnings.

How to really play three card poker

So, what are the 3 card poker tips to look for? Is there such a thing as a royal straight flush? Is it better to play safe and aim for pairs?

In Pair Plus, rewards come big with Straight Flush hands or Three of a Kind. Flushes do often occur more than the possibility of a Straight, this is why the latter pays out more. If a casino offers mini-royals, then avoid this. This additional option only makes up 26% of the total and therefore means winning a quarter of the time which adds further to the house edge.

Analyzing a paytable will help you to pick the better available 3 card poker game. Look for those paying 5-4 on straight hands and 4/1 on flushes. These will be lower house edges than games that offer 6/1 on their straights and 3/1 on their flushes.

During Ante-Play, the rule is to bet whenever a 6, 4 and Queen appear in the hand or better. If it is not that high, then it is advised that you fold.

Start to win card poker online

The ultimate practice in 3 card poker strategy comes through free online casino games. This is, in itself, the #1 strategy tool. By having access to the real money casino games prior to registering, you are able to assess which games are holding the more suited pay tables and are able to pick the games with lower house odds.

Free 3 card poker games

Getting the best online poker strategy only requires you to use free online demo games. This limits the need to pay, thus saving you money and this includes no download is requirements to experience how they play.

Free demo games work just like real money games minus the result of real money being dispensed at the end of a game. You can wager with the free coins that come with the game, which should be used as a means of learning to budget more so than playing to win.

You will find plenty of free game links throughout our site that you can access and enjoy from any device you have.